Xbox One Against its Competition

Lately the Xbox One has come under a lot of scrutiny from the mainstream financial press. Outlets such as Fortune and Bloomberg have weighed in on the chances of the Xbox One, with most of them offering cautious to skeptical opinions on its chances. But one thing they do agree on is that Microsoft has never tried to take on a marketing project this big before.

At the recent keynote address during the Tokyo Game Show, Bill Gates said that the Xbox One launch was going to be the biggest in Microsoft’s history, eclipsing even the massive Xbox 360 launch of the previous years. But Microsoft was simply launching a product into a market it already dominated, to an audience of largely middle-aged guys. Now it’s trying to break into a much more competitive market, and appeal to a much more fickle audience of hardcore gamers.

Can the company do it? We have heard early plans of what Microsoft has in mind, but the big media blitz isn’t going to start until next month’s E3. In the meantime, we’ll take a look at some of the basic strategies of the other big platform providers to see what they did right and what they did wrong.

How Microsoft Should Sell The Xbox One?

  • Show The F’ing Games! — Microsoft should do a kick-ass version of the Halo pr trailer for movie previews, or show the opening Munch movie on TV — but tell the audience that if they want to see these new movies, they’ll have to play them on the Xbox.
  • Don’t Ignore The Hardcore — Nintendo may be content to own the younger market (and why not, it’s hugely profitable), but Xbox One will need to attract the hearts and minds of early adopters to get and maintain a foothold in the market.
  • Be Cool — Sony had the brilliant idea of putting PlayStation 4 in clubs and bars to make it seem cool. Microsoft should steal that idea and do everything it can to endear itself to the young trendsetters.
  • Don’t Be Funny — Unless Microsoft has gotten Spike Jonze to do its ads, video game humor doesn’t play big with mainstream audiences. Instead, stick to speed, style and, of course, sex.

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