Fast, Fun, Strategic Gameplay – Boom Beach

With little fanfare and even less warning, SuperCell has released hack for Boom Beach for iOS and Android — and while it’s almost a complete change from its predecessor Clash of Clans, Boom Beach is a great addition to the quality lineup of realtime strategy games on the company’s black box. No longer 2D or turn-based, this game on the mobile isn’t as deep as might be expected, but it’s fast, easy to learn and the battles are incredibly fun. For gamers who’ve been hesitant to tackle strategy gaming or old pros who want some lighter fare, this is a great title to spend some time with.

SuperCell’s Boom Beach has spanned almost a year now since its launch, with three major updates, six minor ones and a whole line of characters beings added. The combination of slow-paced, turn-based strategy gameplay and RPG-style development, along with financial juggling and Headquarter upgrading, hit every control freak’s hot buttons at once.

The game dynamic is an original one, since you could conceivably learn the troops and buildings right to the end of the game is less than an hour. You’d get your ass handed to you, but you could do it. The rest of the map pieces are attached to a half dozen or so artifacts spread around the archipelago. You can access your map at any time, and when you think you know what base you are going attack, then you implement your best strategy during attacks and hope that you will be successful.

You don’t want to just go attacking everywhere, however, since training your troops may take some time depending on what you are training. As you run around the archipelago gathering troops, getting in battles and finding resources, the days slowly tick away. There’s plenty of time for exploration and side adventures to beef up your strength before you have to go toe-to-toe with Dr. Terror, but the harder difficulty levels cut down the day count severely as well as upping one’s level.

Battle is the only thing that is still turn-based, but even it has been given a huge 3D facelift. The characters line up across from each other in whatever order you decide, and the classic balance of archery, magic and brute force that has always marked Boom Beach comes into play. This is great stuff.

There are some downsides to the game, however. For one, there’s no Headquarter management at all. Capturing a base just adds to your resources — which is used to not only buy troops but to build structures. Last but not least, the manual’s pretty poor and leaves a great deal to the player to figure out. None of these details take away from the overall experience, however, which is one of fast, fun, strategic gameplay.