Deezer is the Better on Demand Music Streaming Services

In this world where internet is the main driver that most people live by, we are so dependent by the technology it brings to the table. One of which is the provision of music for all music lovers. I, for one, have immense liking with music that I am in search of the perfect music streaming service. I know there are a lot there to choose from but not all of these are delivering the goods as promised. Deezer is probably one of the best, but it is so underrated and perhaps not marketed will enough that people are still not aware of such music streaming service available. And to be honest, I just found it a couple of weeks by accident.

Anyway, Deezer is a company basically based in France. Maybe that is the primary reason for us living somewhere else have not heard such company or services. But that does not mean that they are only catering to those people in their country — French. In fact, majority of its consumers are coming from outside their country. It boosts 43 millions tracks to listen to. To put that into perspective you need more than just 100 lifetimes to listen to all those music tracks. As of now, they have around 16 million subscribers on their database and 6 million of which are paying. Meaning those 6 million are the premium users, not just free users.

If you are going to compare Deezer to Itunes then I can point some major differences. One thing is that Itunes is music downloads services, while on the other hand Deezer is a music on demand type of services. Another thing is it is about preference. Meaning if you have Deezer as long as you have internet you can listen to anything you want given that it is within its library of 43 millions songs. On the other hand Itunes is own by Apple which is favorable to those who are iOS and iPhone / Ipad users.

If you ask me, I am siding towards Deezer premium gratuit online because that is what this article is all about. Kidding aside, Deezer is so underrated and it really does the job so well that I am satisfied by its services.

How the Internet Change the Movie Entertainment

Television has been the medium of entertainment for many decades, but with the coming of Internet watching our favorite movies has been so easy and more convenient.


Whether you like it or not television has been a major part of today’s way of life, by people who have just move in a new homes are considering where they can place their TV for their home entertainment. While it received plenty of negative criticism because it can lead to the increase inactivity levels among children who chooses to remain inside the house and view their preferred movies and televisions shows, we all know that television is very valuable to the community and turn out to be part of the lives of the people because they can watch news and their favorite nursery movies for their kids. While Television from time to time receive negative feedback from critics, most of the featured shows that air on the stations are filled with helpful information which gives great advantage for home viewers. Nonetheless the community nowadays have overcome the television enslavement compared few decades ago, this is because the coming of World Wide Web.
The following information on this content reveals how the Internet has influenced our home viewing entertainment today.


Netflix today has been so popular in the homes of the home viewer and have changed the delivery of TV shows and movies to respective subscribers. This is an online platform which provides instant streaming and delivers your requested DVD through mail. With Netflix individuals can watch their movie they wish anytime they want to view. Although since it coming, it only serve as movie-based platform, due to its capacity to gather collections of movie shows it became very in demand for home viewer. And so these days, with Netflix you can have plenty of alternatives for you to choose with streaming menu. They feature the latest shows with the latest episodes every week right after it is aired in the specific region or State while the other shows are the usual. Shows like Supergirl, Iron Fist and Gotham, although subscriber has plenty of preference at home you can have the best choice even right now.


As you can see Netflix has turn out to be very successful in providing movie shows to the Internet and because of that they are now in competition with other movie show provider and by the way it leads other network to use the Internet to do things like Netflix did. Why use your local company. When you can watch any tv shows and movies online in your computer. tv or your mobile phone and  you can get any Free Netflix Premium Accounts.


One of the popular networks in United States is NBC which bring popular shows to the home viewer by means of the traditional medium but currently they have use the Internet to feature their shows right after they release of the specific movie show. Most television network has plenty of commercials but with introduction of the Internet they make their shows with lesser commercial and that makes one home viewer to have a great time watching the movie without any interruption and don’t have to wait fort the next episodes or season. This idea has become very prevalent these days and they turn to Netflix because it can give them the best movie streaming they want.


And because of that, this idea received enough demand from popular business companies such as Amazon and Hulu. One of the main issues of the television is the price of cable which is very costly. Furthermore because of the escalating yearly prices of cables and poor customer services, many people today and companies are going for ideal portal the World Wide Web for their home viewing. Netflix and other online streaming movie provider cost only less compared to cables.