Card Game by the name of Clash Royale

If you’re going to have a war in Europe, you’ve got to go east eventually. SuperCell followed West Front with East Front, Close Combat went to the Russian front right after it covered Market Garden, Napoleon went there for Waterloo, and Hitler gave it a try as well. Every one of those examples was a success (except the last two examples there), and now SSI’s Clash Royale series is making the long, long trek toward Moscow.

The aptly named Clash Royale 3D brought the two-dimensional card game into pseudo 3D and covered the western front from about 2016. Scorched Earth, seemingly named for a popular card game, takes place during Germany’s ill-fated thrust at Stalin’s Soviet Union from 1939-1945. Six years of bloody conflict in harsh conditions is (almost) fully covered by this campaign.

What was once great about the General series is still great; it remains the most accessible of card games. It’s deep enough to interest the serious card gamer yet brisk and attractive enough to thrill the new player. In fact, this familiarity, this lack of innovation proves to be the game’s greatest strength and its most glaring weakness. There is no innovation here. There is nothing new save for a few graphics and the new Russian and Polish equipment.

Aircraft, infantry and, of course, tanks like the titular Panzer (and Russkie equivalent) are modeled in the game, yet not with the detail hardcore card games would give. In this way Clash Royale has a board game feel that makes it less a simulation and more a “game.” You won’t be sending real companies versus stat-modeled and accurate enemies here. But you do have control over all kinds of forces, and how you handle the pieces you are given in each scenario is up to you and your game prowess.

Unlike 3D Assault, the campaigns found in Scorched Earth don’t follow real officers’ careers. Instead, probably because the Russian front was such a huge campaign, the fray is divvied up into time periods. Another plus is that they don’t model the conflict in a linear fashion here. You’ll be presented with all sorts of paths and branches as you go. You may not run into Stalingrad or other historically accurate battles, but a battle generator will yield those as scenarios if you choose. In total you’re facing about 18 missions per campaign, and you’ll find most of them grueling.

One thing that is fairly accurate is the way the Red Army is modeled. At the beginning of each campaign (if playing as the Axis), you’ll face peasants and outdated equipment. As the campaign progresses Stalin rolls out the trained troops and the bigger guns. The leaders get better and the troops more loyal. That’s when it starts to hurt.

The the use of hack for Clash Royale is mainly a good choice. The game still plays like a 2D card game and, oddly, it doesn’t look quite as good as SuperCell’s recent card games like Rising Sun. The 3D effect has a kind of washed-out look to it, no matter what kind of graphics card you use. Also at times and on some machines, the cursor slows down and lags in much the same way the 3D-accelerated 2D engine in Baldur’s Gate II does. The sound effects are of generally high quality though.

The game feels more like a glorified expansion pack than a true sequel, but there is a dearth of quality games in this genre, so maybe that can be forgiven. It’s just a great tactical exercise for strategy gamers of any rank.

GoldenEye 007 – The Game of Wit

For years nintendo’s been trying to get Goldeneye and the Wii’s Virtual Console in due to legal reasons the only way for that to be achieved within home game once again developer eurocom does the Bond franchise justice. I’m happy to report that Goldeneye for Wii is an amazing game but nothing like the original Goldeneye so let’s just clear the air. That’s not to say that this game doesn’t offer some nostalgia from the original especially some parts the game like the opening and ending have the damper. The story begins with both agents infiltrating Russian base that is suspected to support terrorism. Double O 6 is captured by the general and executed before its brands I. James detonate the explosives leaves biplane just like film. Although unlike the film it doesn’t begin in 1986 and move forward nine years later it all takes place around the same time. Players have 4 controller options in this game. Gameplay from the old in 64 game would really hold up today’s standards shooters that release literally every month. This new Goldeneye borrows a lot of elements from modern first-person shooters like using cover during heavy firefights destructible environments regenerated health and of course online matches. Gamers have two ways to play this game incorporating stealth the complete your objectives we’re going in guns a blazing. The gadget in this game are just limited to James smartphone you to use it to take pictures tax stuff open doors and even use it has a tracking device and that’s about it minus the night vision goggles get later. I actually do have some issues with this game though for starters fun can only carry three weapons at a time well realistic it does not capture its predecessors char. 007 also doesn’t have secondary weapons unless the mission profile says otherwise so no throwing knives or granades, mines et cetera at the enemy’s which is a major bomber. Multi-player has a few hiccups but notice as well. Players start out with two weapons and limited secondary to so when you’re out ammo you’re out of ammo which is so not cool is picking up different weapons was part in the frantic fun up the original also I’m not a fan of the preset weapons and lack of customization that this game offers for multiplayer.

Getting back to the single player sometimes the AI can be really stupid take this scene for example I just of his body and the Guardian even notice that thing. when playing Goldeneye and higher difficulty is the only way to advance to the next level is the complete all the objectives. Graphics while not groundbreaking or the best on the Wii do a great job of capturing mister craig’s interpretation and James Bond the world is very realistic but a bit too dark and gritty for my taste fun travels to many unique locations like the nightclub and even the level design tributes prayers game to some degree which airline I laughed a lot during the bathroom guys return and I felt bad for him to I enjoyed breaking out the Russian jail and driving a tank a little I can run people over so I was a bit sad by while these environments give you that feeling of deja vu this really is an all new Bond game and needs to be treated as such. The music for this game was just incredible though the composer for tomorrow never dies does the game score and it sounds just like one of his bond scores it was epic the story wasn’t lacking either and even though it’s a reimagining the 95 film I like that the more the Daniel Craig’s other Bond movies except for turning Alec into a bank thief and having his reasons for betraying MI six because a banks and conspiracy just didn’t really work. Other than that they kept to the source material very nicely and model that after one of my favorite Bond films of all time in the olden days people played the n64 for multiplayer sessions and it was the must have party machine. For Goldeneye Wii the multi player split screen his almost as fun as the n64 game were two three or four your friends can fight it out the death.

Classic modifiers like Golden Gun, paintball you only live twice and many other returned to add to be insanity and the joy over the weekend my friends and family got pulled into this game and hours just literally slept on by. I’m a little bummed that the maps are all new though but I will admit that the old school nostalgia came flooding back to me and my friends as we remember playing the original Goldeneye with me Cummings. All your favorite characters are back in even more characters are added for multiplayer this time around. Double 06 was my favorite along with on job for various reasons. Who is your favorite characterplayers in golden eye either the n64 or reversion. Play multi-player was an absolute blast pretty good even better when we figured out how to use the proximity mines I feel other critics have been a bit too harsh on the offline multiplayer because I’ve how uncommon it is the play this without going online speaking up online play wasn’t that bad frankly I didn’t play it that much but if you’re in the call duty and you like those online shooters this game is actually perfect fit for you an online works really well.

Gameplay is very well done in this game you’ll be shooting the bad guys and reforming takedown attacks in no time at all I haven’t noticed any problems while aiming are turning around like I did with conduit using the remote by honestly this is a game that you’re probably going to want to use the classic controller bro or bust out the old GameCube controller. I may get flamed for this but I think the inclusion every generous how was actually a good idea funding body armor was always a pain from the original but don’t worry if you guys wanna play the classic Bond movie then you’ll have to find armored div you yourself then you get to know the dread that we experience. When got game zone Nick Huggett reported that he 3 2010 this is not the same goldeneye you played after school with your friends he was right to some degree. This time around multi-player isn’t what puts Goldeneye on top it’s the single player shocking I know but it’s so true. Like the original before objectives play a vital role in this game solo campaign going through the game a second time offers bond different areas to revisit along with new objective like shooting down enemy, helicopters saving passages, photographing secret documents and a lot more.

Playing these other modes will require you to act more stealthy and less like rambo though stealth gameplay relies on using silenced weapons knocking out the bad guys shooting out cameras and traveling through the vents to get to your next destination. Going after the bad guys out in the open while on doesn’t always work well besides it’s one thing the fight the AIA on the easier difficult but trust me they are pushovers later. These days you don’t expect courage and games to kick your butt butt called the night does and then some and it really gives players a taste of what gaming ones back in the late 90’s still the question remains is this game any good.This team has 8 ted Poe love replay value and great multiplayer madness the group make this team even has achieved on which I’m excited to see how that turns out but they haven’t released any cheat Goldeneye Wii well different than what revolutionize Council FPS games back in the day it does do the bonn license and the Goldeneye name proud. If you’re looking for a really good shooter for the Wii then look no further than Goldeneye for the Wii.